International Dascat

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International Dascat

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Core objective

Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

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Achieved Results

The project developed by Dascat fits in the objectives defined in Article 10, in the scope of Notice of Opening No. 06/SI/2015, INCENTIVES SYSTEM FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION OF SMEs, according to what has been defined in the Ordinance no. 57-A/2015, of February 17th. This way, the company accomplished a series of investments that will allow to increase its exports to sophisticated international markets.

Therefore, an International Marketing Plan, specific Market Studies and Consulting for Internationalisation was developed, in order to adapt the company's practices to the markets for which we intend to export, increasing knowledge and identifying potential customers.

Through this project, the company grew clearly it’s international notoriety and is much more capable of the proceeding with the international strategy proposed in these studies. We believe that without this cofinancing, we wouldn’t be able to acquire the expertise and focus growth that we needed to implement the designed international strategy.

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Total eligible cost

676.505,00 EUR

Funding from the European Union

FEDER 304.427,25 EUR

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0,00 EUR